Our journey…Since we started back in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as our head quarter we kept in mind the necessity to achieve leadership, customer service excellence, Speed and efficiency in freight forwarding in an ever-changing environment.We have grown since then to be one of the powerful players in freight forwarding and 3PL logistics within the Middle East Region. With our network of partners, investors and investments all around the world and backed up by innovating technology we have proudly taken challenges and carried reputable brand names within our portfolio to turn our humble group of people into a multimillion-dollargroup.

Our culture is our commitment to serving our clients, constant training of our people to exceed the expectations.

We bring continents togetherthrough our professionalism, flexibility, integrity and our dedication our global reach today has reached 5 continents and more than 30 offices.

Our Technology:

At Apollo Freight Solutions, we believe implementing the latest systems and software in our day to day operations, facilitates and enrich the customer logistics experience with our company. From daily auto-generated updates, to self-tracking services and reporting tools. Our customers have their shipments visibility and updates at the tip of their fingers with a friendly user interference created by IT professionals with logistics background.

Our Systems:

We believe innovation the next generation of logistics, therefore in Apollo Freight Solutions, we have created special data bases, via an easy log-in module, Our customers can use to explore documentation needed in every country, per SKU and HS code customs related approvals and permits, to help them stay several steps ahead of their competition.

Cyber Security at Apollo:

In today cyber realities, a whole new level of cyber threats emerges every day, we at Apollo Freight Solutions, take our clients and internal systems security very serious. We ensure all our employees are trained and up to date with the latest trends of safety protocols and possible cyber threats. Our goal is always to achieve the maximum security of our internal systems, data-base, confidentiality and customers information every time and all the time.

Our People:

We believe a good company is always about its people, therefore at Apollo Freight Solutions, we make sure our people are always trained, ready and capable to execute any mode of shipping and transportation. Equipped with the latest information and tools available in our industry and up to date of any change of regulations, our teams across all our platforms are always happy to assist with their expertise our clients.

Industries we continue to proudly serve:

  • Oil and Gas.
  • Retail.
  • Automotive.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Aviation parts & A.O.G.
  • Electronics.
  • Arts and Valuables.
  • Exhibition and Events.
  • White Goods & Perishable Cargoes.
  • Personal effects and house goods items.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the strongest door to door freight forwarding solutions providers while maintaining flexibility and through recruitment of the best industry professionals.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional customer service , Solutions & On time deliveries to our customers.