Our warehouses vary in location, Sizes and billing procedures. Shelving systems engineered by only professionals, Our warehousing facilities are considered top of the art, with more than 30 warehousing locations within the Asia and Europe continents, We proudly store for the worlds famous brands from footwears to lighting and telecommunication systems. Online reporting for your inventory is available with customized access for your desired personnel. We even went further and customized our services for not only billing based only on space but rather on a mix of space occupied to give our customers the ability to distribute their warehousing costs as per their business requirements.

Distribution Services falls within our warehousing category, We provide cross-docking services, Pick and Pack, Promo-Repacks and shelf deliveries to our customers stores, Distribution is available for clients who wish to save storage cost or push their products directly to their stores, It give the client more flexibility and remote location manageable within reach.