Across the E.U region and lately the Middle East and GCC countries, We provided and we still provide our customers with all trailers types, From Temperature controlled, Curtain trailers to flat beds, As many of them and all the time with competitive pricing structures easy to calculate and understand. Our specialized land cargo teams have been devoted to move cargoes for oil refineries, Retailers and Food distribution companies across the GCC countries and ensure smooth borders clearance within transit. With the ability to track your shipments via GPS trackers we provide you with live tracking of your shipments and their points. Our drivers are with good attitude and understand our concept of delivering our services with professionalism. All our drivers go under intensive training on best practices safety procedures and to have the expert eye while loading and offloading on delivery sites. At A.F.S even we go further and we send a surveyor with every new business we secure and provide survey reports for the cargo status and safety of packaging.