Having your product transported via airfreight could be as easy as making the booking with us, Through our professional trained staff we will be able to advise you on the best time, rout or airline to choose, with wide range of connections, Access and strong ties with all major airlines in the industry at every major hub and airport we bring the best expertise in the market to your service, all in one place at the tips of your fingers, Our dedicated teams can guide you through the whole movement process to avoid any last moments mishaps. Our teams are experts in their fields be it inbound or outbound, 1 Kg or 1 Ton, we provide you with the latest technology should offer from reporting tools or online tracking to have an insight of your cargo whereabouts all the time. Our professional air cargo teams ensure that your product is safely transported or transited through airports till your door delivery. When it comes to freight then knowledge is the power and what makes us different, We can assure fast and price convenience.

Required Documents for any air cargo move depends on the nature of the cargo, start by contacting our local teams and we will be advising you on your required documentation before the shipment departs to ensure smooth clearance at destination.